PoleStrong Strength & Conditioning Specialist (PSCS) Level 1

Do you love watching your students' get stronger in your classes? Would you like to be able to help develop their skills even further with targeted strength & conditioning workouts but have little to no experience with this kind of training?

In the PoleStrong Strength & Conditioning Specialist course you will learn how to develop strength & conditioning programming for your students. Whether it's targeted conditioning for pole tricks or flow classes, or specialized strength & conditioning classes for pole dancers, this certification will help you become the expert your students need to succeed!

Topics of Study Include:

  • Introduction to The Body by Fran PoleStrong Method and the 3 T System for Strength & Conditioning Programming
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology for Pole Dancers
  • The Importance of Warmups in Training
  • Trick-Specific Exercises Both On and Off the Pole
  • Understanding Coordination vs Capacity Issues with Students
  • Evaluating Strength/Flexibility/Mobility in Our Students
  • Lesson Planning for Tricks, Choreo and Strength & Conditioning Classes
  • Understanding Scope of Practice for Pole Instructors
  • Unit Homework with Both Written and Practical Components
  • PoleStrong Masterclass
  • Access to 3 pre-recorded PoleStrong Workouts & Over 60 Targeted Strength & Conditioning Exercises

*That's over $1,200 worth of value for just $549!

Training Schedule:

Before Training- Please review course materials before attending the workshop.

Training Day

AM Session (9am-12pm)- Meet your fellow instructors and your master trainer, identify your program goals, and listen to a brief introduction about the course methodology. Your master trainer will lecture on anatomy & physiology and the importance of warmups. The morning movement session will include a full targeted warm up and you will be guided through several trick-specific exercises. There will be written and practical assessments for each unit.

PM Session (1-4pm)- After a short break for lunch, your instrcutor will lecture on coordination vs capacity, student evaluation, lesson planning, and scope of practice. Both written and practical assessments will be assigned for each unit and will culminate in a final assessment for certification.

*A PoleStrong Masterclass led by your master trainer may be given, time permitting.

Course Materials:

Once you enroll, you will have access to a portal containing your course materials.

You are encouraged to download the course material note sheets and have them with you for the workshop to use as reference. The PowerPoint Slides will be posted after course completion for you to use as you begin teaching in the PoleStrong Method.

You will also have access to a strength & conditioning exercise library with over 60 targeted exercises for pole, and three full workouts from Body by Fran's Signature program #PoleBody Bootcamp to help you develop strength & conditioning programming for your students.


How will this program be delivered?

Upon Purchase: You will be prompted to create a username and password for your account. You will use this to access your PSCS Certification materials in the Teachable portal. The portal contains your workshop information, as well as downloadable course notes, lesson plan templates, and sample PoleStrong workout videos. Please bring downloadable materials to the live training at PoleCon on Thursday, May 30th 2024.

*You will also be added to Body by Fran Training's email list for certified PSCS instructors. Please do not unsubscribe, as you may miss out on important certification information.

Hi, I'm Fran... Teaching Health and Fitness is My Passion!

I started my pole journey after working in the health & fitness industry for over 30 years.

When I first started pole dancing, I had a hard time balancing my pole training with training off the pole. And there was no one out there who understood my dilemma! So, I put my sports conditioning experience to work and developed the PoleStrong Method of Training. I use foundational pole conditioning exercises along with targeted pole conditioning, and off the pole resistance training to help my students develop a strong, healthy pole body! I've been using this method for myself, and with thousands of clients for over 10 years now, and the results have been incredible.

I'm 56 years old and my body feels better than ever!

It's my goal to help you to help your students build the pole body of their dreams. A body that feels strong, and resists injury from this demanding activity that we love!

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